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10:00 pm greta is next. [ cheering ] >> greta: tonight, bristol palin goes on the record. you are about to find out her baby's first sentence. governors, lt. governors and attorneys generals are all turning on each other. she said the heck with her attorney general she got a new statute bypassing her state's attorney general and announcing here she is suing the feds on behalf of arizona over health care. also last night. nevada's governor jim gibbons likewise said, heck with his attorney general and found a free lawyer to sue the feds. tonight there's more, another state, another announcement this time from missouri lt. governor peter kinder he
10:01 pm
joins us live. good evening, sir. >> thank you for having me, greta. >> greta: your governor does not want to sue the federal government over this health care and join the law sought in florida ornish chait his own. what are you going to do? >> i'm gonna be filing suit before the end of this month in federal court on behalf of missouri. a statutory obligation as chief advocate for our state many seniors going to be hurt perhaps among the worst this ill-conceiveed misbe gotten health care reform that will give state our state's budget, rob from medicare and hurt seniors that will cause practitioners to quit the practice of medicine and send millions of new people into their offices into a shrinking pool of providers. it is going to cause
10:02 pm
department tphaoubgs in quality of care. the -- the real issue is infringement of our liberty, shrinking of our freedom. the pretext for the federal bill was the interstate commerce clause that is, the congress may legislate constitutionally, in spheres that involve interstate commerce. we don't have any interstate commerce here if the interstate commerce clause can be stretched so far that you or i existing in the state of missouri or idaho or north dakota, engaged in interstate commerce we no longer have limits to federal action and to what congress may do. they might pass a law saying we may only -- you may only buy -- you may buy only a gm or a chrysler car. you may not buy a toyota or
10:03 pm
ford. there is no more principle limiting constitutional principle limiting congress' action if you accede to this >> greta: you by what you just say and your plans your announce tonight you are going to sue. your governor and your attorney general must both be as mad as wet hens. they are not happy. they've both taken a pass. what is going to be their response? how are their feelings about you going rogue for lack of a better word? >> governor is arrogant and dismissive. the attorney general is -- has not responded to the letter that i wrote him in january. the governor has not responded to letters i wrote him in january, december and january and i called him out publicly on statewide television asking him to take a position on this bill that is going to wreck missouri's budget at 500 million dollars a year. we are in deficit now. i've cited the democratic
10:04 pm
governor of tennessee who said this will wreck tennessee's budget this is not necessarily a partisan matter. the democratic attorney general of louisiana has joined this battle with republican attorneys general and i hope more of my friends on the democratic side will join us. i will tell what is happening in the state of missouri, a bipartisan majority has voted for the health care freedom act. dozens of democrats joining every republican for a constitutional amendment that will bypass the governor's desk and go straight to the voters of missouri to decide this question at the november election. >> greta: do you have statutory authority to do this? is there a missouri statute that says okay if the governor, the attorney general won't the lt. governor can do it? >> i believe i can. i didn't hear all your question i heard just the last part. through my status as a constitutional officer of state government and my
10:05 pm
statutory responsibility to advocate for his sorry seniors we talked to very competent, very experienced legal counsel and we are moving ahead before the end of this month. >> greta: fascinating to watch. i comment you, you are not going to be popular with the governor and the attorney general. of course we are going to be watching. good luck. thank you. i hope you come back as do you file suit. >> thank you kindly. >> greta: if you think things are uncomfortable at the top of the state government in missouri, check out pennsylvania. pennsylvania attorney general corbet joined other states and jumped into the florida lawsuit trying to declare this health care bill unconstitutional. that decision is not sitting well with the governor of pennsylvania. governor ed rendell joins us live. good evening, sir. another interesting aspect. your attorney general has jumped in this lawsuit in florida and you say no, you don't want it. tell me what is going to
10:06 pm
happen? >> first of all, tom corbet has the legal right to do so. but it is a waste of time. as you know, ronald reagan's solicitor general has said this lawsuit is preposterous, absurd. lt. governor of missouri doesn't understand that congress can regular even intrastate commerce if it is part of an overall regulatory scheme and the regulation of intrastate commerce is necessary to make that scheme work. mitt romney did it in massachusetts the courts upheld the mandate there. this lawsuit has no foundation it is a total waste of the taxpayers' money. i wrote tom corbet and said you are too good a lawyer for this you are doing this in part because it is the politically feasible thing to do. by the way i think it is backfiring on republicans all over the country. even the republicans in congress who were yelling about repealing now they are saying we want to amend or
10:07 pm
change it. why would you as an attorney general want to take away from 400,000 pennsylvania seniors the right to get a $250 check to fill the doughnut hole in medicare part d? why would you want to take away the right of pennsylvanians who can't get care to be put immediately into a high risk pool? the right of 150,000 pennsylvania small businesses, 25 employees or less who can get a 35% tax credit this year, for offering health care under this bill? why would you want to void that bill? if there is something wrong with it, amend it, change it but don't take those benefits away. >> greta: i think most people want health care reform. i think the people who don't like this bill just want it to be done a different way and perhaps make different provisions. >> that's why we have elections. they are going to have a chance in november --
10:08 pm
>> greta: if you want to look at it that way, i think people did try to express it. i think a lot of people were dissatisfied their representatives were voting according to their conscience but not the way the people want them to vote. >> let me stop threw. i want to ask you a question if i can. i know you don't usually answer questions. the republicans voted ly to back president bush when he decide -- voted unanimously to back president bush when he decided to add troops in iraq a surge. when they voted to approve it was unpopular with 2/3 of the american people they didn't want additional troops sent into iraq. but the republicans and some democrats voted their conscience and it worked out pretty well, didn't it? >> greta: interesting you say that what the people were 00 posed at was senate majority leader harry reid who was vehemently opposed and turned out he was wrong. >> the point is, we are not
10:09 pm
elected to just put our finger to the wind and take a public opinion poll and do what the prevailing mood is at the time. we elected to use our own judgment to figure without what is best in the long run for people we represent. >> greta: sometimes you can take it a little extreme and people think you are arrogant and not list anyone. the best example is what happened in massachusetts. i don't think the people in massachusetts felt they were -- any way a couple of questions about health care. one is the commerce clause of massachusetts that you raised about mitt romney. it is my understanding that the commerce clause wouldn't have been an issue in massachusetts that wasn't crossing state borders that was within the state. that would be irrelevant, right? >> except what i said about intrastate commerce has been held by the supreme court of the united states. ronald reagan's solicitor general said these attorney general suits are absurd and total waste of time. >> greta: the suits are
10:10 pm
already there. this is not a suit that that is going to involve any witnesses. this is going to be decided on a brief. somebody is going to write a brief, a judge is going to make a decision someone is going to win, someone is going to lose, the supreme court will make a decision certainly on the issue of whether it is constitutional or not as it relates to the commerce clause. does it hurt the state of pennsylvania to be included in that process? >> sure, because if i were the attorney general and tom corbett our attorney general is a good lawyer. i would want two or three of my staff members monitoring everything there is filed in that suit to make sure i agree and it is the best strategy to advance our cause. i'm not just going to put my name on something and ignore it. he's taking attorneys' time that could be used on other things that are more important to the taxpayers and citizens of pennsylvania. >> greta: maybe you think it
10:11 pm
is more labor intensive than i do. i hope you come back i sort of like sparring with you. >> you should have ronald reagan's former solicitor general on. >> greta: if you can book him for me, you are welcome. thank you governor. next stop, the great state of wisconsin. the attorney general from the state is here he wants to sue the government. so far he has been blocked. tonight there is news. plus a special guest. governor sarah palin's daughter bristol goes on the record. thanks to the new venture card from capital one,
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and hydrate after. gillette's fusion rimen. clinically tested to hydrate your skin. . >> greta: 19 states and counting so far, suing the federal government over health care. wisconsin attorney general van hollen wants to be number 20. so far he has been blocked. there's news tonight he joins
10:14 pm
us live again. sir, i understand that, this is at least in your mind moving forward a little bit in terms of you want to your democratic governor says no. you need authority from the state legislature to go forward or from the governor so what are you going to do? >> so far we've got resolutions submitted by one legislator and one state senator signed on to by a number of other legislators asking to pull the resolutions to the floor so we can have a vote in wisconsin in one or both bodies of the legislature. if we can get one of those resolutions to the floor of one of the bodies and get an up or down vote i will be satisfied. if our elected representatives who under law, can give me authority to bring the suit say we are not going to do it and willing to stand up and put their name on this document saying yes or no, by all means i'll abide by that i have a big problem with leadership blocking this from
10:15 pm
coming to the floor for a vote. we're hoping to pull this -- poll this resolution to the floor and get an up or down vote one way or another. i hope it will be an up vote. >> greta: your legislature is still in session. in the state senate resolution has already been introduced. there are 33 members of the state senate. dominated by the democratic party, not your party. it is 18-15, you need two democratic senators to go your way. have any democratic senators in the wisconsin senate pulled you aside and said we're going with you? >> you know they haven't. and i haven't had a chance to talk to them. i'm trying to let the senators and state representatives do their jobs. we've reached out to the sponsors of these two resolutions today to see what the status is. i believe most republicans have signed on. i don't know they've reached out to the democrats yet. i've told them clearly i'm willing to explain the legal
10:16 pm
circumstances to any of their members if they would like. when these people vote i want them to do so intelligently. i don't want them to say we shouldn't sue because it is anti-health care that's not the issue. the democrats are trying to make us look bad, trying to ostracize the republicans and make us look like villains. the bottom line is, this is about the rule of law. i think if we have a chance to explain we can get their votes. >> greta: some state senator introduced a resolution to change the state constitution to prohibit requiring a person to obtain health insurance. a little like the statute they are suing under in the state of virginia. i take it that's -- if that is is remotely possible that's a longer process, is that right? >> well, i don't know -- absolutely amending the constitution in wisconsin is a
10:17 pm
longer process. i also don't think that specific legislative proposal has any more viability than polling this litigation issue to the floor and having a vote on it. nor do i believe that legislation necessarily is going to give us any more authority to proceed in a lawsuit if we wanted to. what we need is to be able to let courts determine whether this is a constitutional law or not. it appears a number of governors and others are scared of. >> have you spoken since the last time you were on our show, any communication or even your staff with that of governor, any word about this? >> we haven't. i'm still waiting for to you forward me that letter. as of last notice i still haven't gotten it. >> greta: you haven't heard anything from him at all? >> we haven't. it is my understanding that he had submitted a letter. i did obviously go through the press channels to get a copy.
10:18 pm
there was nothing about the legal basis in that whatsoever. there was really nothing counteracting our request, just saying that no, it is not going to be grand -- granted. then the typical verbiage talking about how we are being anti-health care something you just heard from your last guest. it is nothing of the sort. this is about the rule of law many congress does have the authority to pass health care reform legislation. they should follow the law when they do it, like the rest of us have to follow the law. >> greta: attorney general, thank you. as i always say from the great state of wisconsin thank you for joining us. next, if half the country didn't pay taxes what do you think would happen? actually you are not going to have to imagine? senator rick santorum is next. then the individual has gone viral. if you thought susan boil on british "american idol" was amazing -- sue amazing wait
10:19 pm
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. >> greta: if you think everyone will be paying taxes next week, you're wrong. according to the tack policy
10:22 pm
center about 47% of american households will pay no federal income taxes for 2009. why? either they don't make enough money or they qualify for enough credits, deductions and exemptions they owe nothing. is it fair for half the country to be all the federal income tax? former senator rick santorum joins us live. that sounds like -- >> a lot of people are going to say wait a minute i pay taxes. they pay the social security and medicare tax. one other fact is that even people who pay that and don't pay any income taxes they get in many case as earned income credit which helps offset the cost of the social security and medicare tax. 47% don't pay any federal income taxes. 40% actually get money back. >> greta: money that they paid -- >> no, they get a tax credit. they get a check from the government to help them pay their social security taxes or
10:23 pm
other tax credits, because they have refundable tax credits. if you have a family of four and a dependent tax credit, childcare tax credit you can have -- make not enough to pay income taxes and then get a credit on top of that so you get a check when you file your return. >> greta: these people are not fabulously rich. these are people who barely -- very limited income. >> in the case of -- >> greta: poverty level. >> no, no people who are earning $50,000 a year who have kids, four kids. and they because of deductions and other things they don't pay income taxes and they are eligible for a refundable tax credit. >> greta: here's another interesting statistic. the top 10% of earners pay 73% of taxes collected. and the top pen% didn't have an impact until i saw the top
10:24 pm
10% were making $366,000 a year. i was thinking that meant only the multi-millionaires. people making $366,000 a year. >> you can have a couple living in san francisco, new york where you are making $120,000 a year is a lot of money. for there it is not as much. probably for middle america it is probably $60,000 equivalent in new york. because of the cost of living there. those people are going to be close to paying that big chunk of money. what we have is a situation that thomas jefferson warned from the beginning. when you reach the point where people feel like they don't have to pay anything and getting money out of the treasury for nothing there's no end to the amount of government people want. one of the things i'm amazed at is how much popular support there is for tax cuts. when almost half the people don't pay taxes any way and they wouldn't benefit. most americans realize what makes the economy go in america businesses and jobs
10:25 pm
created by people who have money and invest in businesses. >> greta: the whole tax code is profoundly complicated. i don't know about you, i think a lot of people -- i may be guilty of this, hire somebody to do my taxes i'm not a tax lawyer, i sign and hope for the best. >> i my own taxes because of that i want to make sure that i'm going through the pain that everybody else does i i it takes me a long time but it is important for know do that as someone who -- >> greta: [ talking over each other ] >> greta: it is a foot high. >> i use one of these software things. still you have to go through the complicated questions and answers and look at all the fors. the bottom line is, these people thank you are talking about are not paying taxes. half of america are not paying taxes. i think you are going to see the depend s are going to have
10:26 pm
to find a way to get money out of these people. i talked about this, they are going to put a national sales tax in place in addition to the income tax. >> in addition to increasing the amount of money they are going to charge on medicare and social security. >> greta: that will hurt people in the lower incomes. i'm thinking about the $366,000 number this will affect people below that it is increasing taxes [ talking over each other ] >> greta: it will hurt people under $366,000. >> people in the lower income spend a higher percentage -- spend all generally speaking on spending that's how they survive, they don't save much. people who have higher income have a lower [ talking over each other ] >> they don't it all this is going to hit, 100% of income for lower income people and not one -- 100% for everybody else. number two, they are going to
10:27 pm
put a value added tack and create another tax credit to refund to people -- >> greta: the tack bill gets two feet tall by then. >> more complexy. the bottom is line is they can't afford to spend the a.m. they are spending. they have to either inflate the currency or increase taxes. that's the only way they are going to get out of this deficit thing. >> greta: thank you. coming up two or is it three members of the palin family in their own words. sarah palin talking tea parties at a rally with minnesota congresswoman bachmann. and governor palin's daughter bristol. why is she back in the news? find out minutes from now. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...?
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10:31 pm
parties and telling the crowd to reelect congresswoman michelle bachmann. >> over these past months i've had the opportunity to [ unintelligible ] a lot of independent americans who just had enough what is going on in the obama administration. and those making up the tea party movement couple of weeks ago at a tea party vent in searchlight, nevada maybe you heard about that being the hometown of harry reid, the soon to be former senate majority leader. [ cheering ] >> in places like searchlight, nashville, tulsa and here in minnesota the tea party is growing and steaming thanks to a lot of good hardworking patriotic everyday americans who love this country and are proud to be american but also deeply concerned about the path that our country is now
10:32 pm
on. people who are not afraid, like michelle, stand up and speak out out for what is right. minute hint is full of these good people. [ applause -- [ applauding ] >> i mentioned this to michelle. some of these tea party leaders, most of them are women. yeah! surveys show that that's inspiration that give us hope for this movement. ronald reagan's friend margaret thatcher used to say in politics you want something said, ask a man. you want something done, ask a woman. i'm much more traditional than that every -- behind every good productive man stands a very surprised woman. but minnesota if you want
10:33 pm
something done right, if you want something done right for our country, then please reelect congresswoman michelle bachmann. [ cheering ] >> greta: gop officials say more than 10,000 people went to this event. we'll see how congresswoman bachmann does in november. more information on the breaking news on the flight disturbance. here's a statement from tsa: tsa is monitoring an incident onboard united airlines flight after receiving initial reports that a federal air marshal responded to a passenger possibly causing a disturbance onboard. the flight landed safely at denver international. law enforcement and tsa have responded and the passenger is in custody. all steps are being taken to ensure the safety of the traveling public. of course the headline to emphasize again the flight has landed safely. no one has been hurt. tsa is investigating. nonetheless, there was
10:34 pm
suspicious conduct on flight from washington to denver. are your taxes about to go up? listen to this. when asked whether the united states should have a value added tack, white economic adviser paul volcker says, it is not as tax sick an idea has it has been in the past. volcker also said if at the end of the day we need raise taxes we should raise taxes. steve moore join us. steve, i bet the democratic white house just about had a stroke on that one. is that letting the cat out of bag? is that idle chatter or something that is realistically on the table and everybody better get ready? >> not question a lot of liberal elements had long wanted taxes to pay for the new programs. >> greta: in addition to the income tax. >> that's the critical point. i'm sure viewers will say wait a minute i'm for a national sales tax if it is replacement for corporate and personal
10:35 pm
income tax. what is being put on the table here is a national sales tax. that's what a value added tax is. >> greta: it is a tax on every change in value of a product pushed on. >> if you bought a $300 iphone under 20% added value tack the cost might be $360. this major tax it hits the middle class. in addition to state sales taxes. a lot of states have hired 6, 8, some 10%. if you have 18 or 20% value added tax you are talking about 25% sales tax at the cash register every time you buy food, groceries, diapers, school supplies, just about anything would be taxed. >> greta: paul volcker saying this one of the first acknowledgements out of the administration that we are in
10:36 pm
a deep economic situation as it relates to our deficit and budget. we've been spending wildly in the hope of stimulating the economy to create jobs so people would pay income tax to run the government. if we are finding out we have to go out and raise taxes possibly as a value added tax or national sales tax that is an acknowledgement that rhaps those jobs were not created by the stimulus to generate the income -- this is disheartening.c' unless paul serve having an intellectual discussion on how you raise money he's an academic-type. >> i think paul volcker knows. i've talked to people at the white house, i've talked to member of congress. they've said we've run the numbers we have a trillion and a half in deficit thanks to the stimulus plan and other programs. the -- we've talk about the health care plan, nobody believed that congressional budget office report this was
10:37 pm
going to pay for itself. you need revenue to pay for this. one of the big ways of getting that is through a value added or national sales tax. people should know is the way the europeans pay for their social safety net perhaps. a lot of democrats believe we should be more like europe. if you want those social safety net programs you need the taxes to pay for it and you need a value added tax. >> greta: having this discussion now april and midterms are coming -- >> timing couldn't be worse. people are pulling their hair out doing income taxes now. >> greta: that's why i think paul volcker must have been going rogue. unless it is being discussed and he was being honest letting the american people know is coming. >> and people should remember that paul volcker was tapped by president obama to head a task force to reform the tax system. it is not as if he knows nothing about this.
10:38 pm
he's the guy to come up with the plan. >> greta: there was nothing that i know or heard about he didn't say we are going to look at the value added tack as a possible replace for the income tax a different way to tax pick up black market revenue. that would have been a different discussion. >> it is important for people to understand this is not a replace for income tax. at the same time they are talking about value added tack the president announced that the bush tax cuts will expire for higher income people. income tax rates are going to increase next year as high as 40% also talking on top of that i think it will be a disaster for our economy. we need consumers to spend. if you put a new tax on consumption i think it is going to hurt the recovery. >> greta: where say this under what circumstances? this is a huge event. that is not in .
10:39 pm
-- that is not insignificant. i want to make sure we are not seizing upon a flip remark. >> he said it to some reporters. he was saying what everybody knows. everyone knows this task force is looking at a value added tax. i was being honest, if we are going to pay for the stimulus, tarp plan, trillion dollar health care plan in the last 12, 18 months we are going to need a new tax system to pay for it. >> greta: i wonder if he is talking to the president? >> president has been careful not to talk about a value added tack. remember nancy pelosi we talked about -- added tax. remember nancy pelosi we talked she broached the idea and swatted down by some of her members. >> greta: if the president is thinking about value added tax and talking to paul volcker and the run-up with the stimulus bill and health care
10:40 pm
bill and everything else, if he has not sort of put the american people on notice that's a possibility that is to me politically devastating. >> it is. republicans were plotting -- were applauding this statement. they want the democrats to come out with a value added tax. >> greta: for political reasons [ talking over each other ] >> the american people don't want to have to have a national sales tax on top -- paying more 10, 15, 20% for everything thank you buy is big for a people on a fixed income. >> greta: many means ago the thought was a value added tax would pick up a black market income that may sort of relief -- leave the pressure. >> i've favored a national sales tax if we could get rid of the federal income tax which means we have to previously the 16th amendment.
10:41 pm
>> greta: more on this disturbance on the plane a flight from washington to -- actually we are going to give you the information now. more breaking news into fox about that flight, united airlines flight from washington to denver. tsa is monitoring this incident onboard the united airlines flight. after receiving initial reports that a air marshal responded to a passenger possibly causing a disturbance onboard. united does confirm this incident. saying it was involving a passenger. united airlines says the crew asked that law enforcement officers meet the aircraft upon landing at denver. fox has confirmed the man is in custody. is a diplomat in an embassy in washington. we are told it does not appear an explosive substance or device was involved. our source does tell fox the suspect may have tried to light his shoes or something else in an attempt to cover-up
10:42 pm
another smell. stay with fox news for the latest on this obviously disturbing incident aboard an aircraft. ♪ ♪ this is onstar. i've received a signal you've been in a crash. i'll contact emergency services. always well made always well designed now with extraordinary savings come in to save or log on now ethan allen. extraordinary savings. limited time ethan allen redefines traditional with modern comfort and timeless design the new traditional at ethan allen
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>> greta: this is a fox . update on that flight from washington to denver. tsa is investigating on what happened aboard united flight 663. crew alerted last on the ground about a disturbance with a passenger onboard. when the flight landed in
10:46 pm
denver a federal air marshal responded. the man in custody is a diplomat in qatar embassy in washington. fox is learning it does not appear an explosive substance or device was involved. our source tells us the suspect may have tried to light his shoes or something else but it may have been an attempt to cover-up another smell. stay with fox news for updates as we get them. next, very special guest here to go on the record. governor sarah palin's daughter bristol. why does she want to talk to i? bristol palin is next.
10:47 pm
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>> greta: bristol palin might be the most famous teen mother in the country the daughter of sarah palin gave birth to her son tripp in december of 2008. now bristol is plotting abstinence. moments ago bristol palin and director of the foundation went on the record. nice to see both of you. >> nice to see you too. >> hi, nice to see you. >> greta: big news, new psa. bristol i'm going right to you. how old is your son? time sort of gets squashed together. we came up to alaska and
10:51 pm
interviewed you. how old is tripp now? >> he's 15 months old. >> greta: what is he doing walking or saying no, or not yet? >> he's talking -- he's walking saying no, first sentence the other day he's doing great. >> greta: what was the first sentence? >> i asked him where my little sister was and he said i den know. completely clear so were excited. >> greta: so he knows how to cover for people, good start. what is this psa bristol? >> this psa is all about the consequences of teen pregnancy. we are excited it is being launched. >> greta: christine tell me about the foundation give me a little background. everyone knows bristol. what is this foundation? why was it started? >> sure. in 2001, neil cole head of the candy's fashion brand, a teen
10:52 pm
clothing and shoe fashion line decided to start the foundation to raise awareness about teen pregnancy prevention. at the time he looked around and realized there weren't any other corporations dealing with this issue. he felt like given they already have a dialogue with teens through the fashion brand they wanted to leverage that to get the message out about in issue. >> greta: bristol i've seen you with your son. i know you absolutely an did that child. but i also know it is a lot of work isn't it? >> yeah, it is extremely difficult, definitely. >> greta: is it anything like you would have imagined before he was ? >> no i don't think anyone is quite prepared to be a teenaged mom or to be a single mom in general at all. it is extremely difficult, yeah. >> greta: why are you bristol supporting this? i understand your personal situation. what is it about teen pregnancy that gives you sort of the passion to speak pout about it? >> i'm living -- i'm living
10:53 pm
the life experience now. i think still huge numbers of girls are getting pregnant each other. i think more people need to talk about it. should be more of a national discussion. >> greta: christine what do you attribute the growing numbers of teen pregnancy to? i suppose there's not one single fact for. >> i think it could be any number of things. there are different programs reaching out to teens. anything from changes in the economy to changes in availability of contraceptives or comprehensive sex education. it is really a number of things that are going on. we're also seeing some mixed data. in 2008 it came out yesterday that that in 2008 the rates of teen births went down. so a couple of months ago the rate of teen pregnancy it was reported it had gone up in
10:54 pm
2006 now teen births have gone down in 2008. so it is changing all the time. there are a lot of factors that play into teen pregnancy. >> greta: bristol, do you think television shows and movies glamorize teen pregnancy? >> i think a lot brush over the idea of teen pregnancy. they don't show the real reality of saying up all night with a baby and having to provide for another person. >> greta: how about being in the spotlight, is this tough for you or are you up to the challenge? >> i think i'm up to the challenge. i'm using this experience of my life -- >> greta: fox continues to follow breaking news on an flight across the country. disturbance onboard triggered law enforcement to board when it landed in denver. our breaking news coverage continues in minutes. when you have diabetes like me, you have questions.
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>> greta: fox news alert. news information about fighter jets that responded on a situation from washington to denver. fox confirmed two f 16 jets escorted the flight to the ground. they pulled up on united flight 663 at 6:50 p.m. landing in denver 10 minutes later. the tsa is investigating what happened on board this flight from washington reagan to denver international airport. united tells us the crew alerted law enforcement about a disturb yens with a
10:59 pm
passenger. when the flight landed a federal air marshal responded. fox news confirmed the man was a diplomat at the qatar embassy in washington. fox is learning it does not appear explosives were involved at all. our sources tell us the man in custody may have tried to light his shoes or something else, but may have been an attempt to cover up another smell. there are going to be updates on the breaking news story continuing right now. what we do know is that tsa is covering this and taking this seriously after what happened on christmas day, on that flight into detroit z needless to say passengers want anything suspicious on board happens, passengers are quick to respond. we're trying to get ahold of people to get more information. we know everyone is doing everything, scrambling to find out what happened. but no one was hurt. again we're investigating this and we're going to provide more information and covering

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